About FACTS Ltd.

Founded in 2006, FACTS Is a land management firm specializing in forestry, mining, and lease management. We focus on providing comprehensive management solutions to our clients by leveraging decades of experience and expertise.

FACTS is owned and operated by Ian and Kellie Frazier. Ian is a chartered professional accountant with over 18 years of land management experience and an expert in local land endeavors. Kellie has held several management roles at major corporations and has 15 plus years of experience managing land lease agreements. As a team, Ian and Kellie provide unmatched knowledge and service history in Northern Ontario.

Given the specialist nature of land management, we’ve developed a network of professionals that aid in our management solutions. This allows us to offer a “one stop shop” for our clients’ unique situations. We understand that our clients need a trustworthy partner to handle their most valuable assets. As a small team, we focus on maintaining our client relationships and providing personalized service. We’re constantly upgrading our service offering and finding new ways to better our client experience.

Ian Fraizer


Kellie Fraizer

Vice President